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Scaffold for railways
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Scaffold for railways

Special scaffold for railways for access to tunnel vaults, catenaries and other elements placed above the railways.

Manufactured in aluminium, with great resistance and lightweight.

Removable in small and lightweight pieces; 2 person can assembly and unassembly the scaffold and transport it in a medium size van.

Equiped with special wheels for rail profiles. It's possible to slide the scaffold over the rails without strength.

Brake system and special block device which stops the scaffold in work position.

Available a maintenance service for inspection and reparation as well as training for operators.

Approved according to UNE EN 1004:2006.


- Toolless set-up.

- Specially designed for constant assembly and unassembly.

- Manufactured in aluminium; can be assembled and transported by 2 person.

- Different height configurations for different access.


- Anti slippery floor.

- Protection baseboard.

- Protection handrails.

- Stairs for access to upper levels.

- Trapdoors to avoid fall of persons or objects.

- Nylon-polyamide wheels.

- Brake system at wheels for a correct lock.

- Inclination control at scaffold legs.

- Height control at scaffold legs.

- Adjustment for different space between the tracks.

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