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Suspended Platforms for wind turbines
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Suspended Platforms for wind turbines

Accesus has many years of experience developing blade maintenance platforms for wind turbines.

We collaborate with our clients in order to make easier the suspended platform use, doing the necessary procedures with manufacturers and owners of wind turbines.

Accesus has different departments such as: engineering, risk prevention, set-up, maintenance... We realize training courses and set-up at the work place.


Suspended access platforms for wind turbines maintenance.

We have different blade maintenance platforms and configurations for all the different wind turbine's models and the different works to do.


- Safety. Descent emergency system, integrated life lines, rescue and descent systems for operators, emergency brakes, double wire rope systems, guide wire rope and position-inclination control.

- Accesibility. The small suspended scaffolds are transported in light vans to the base of the wind turbine's tower (in contrast to other equipments like huge cranes).

- Adaptability. The Accesus suspended platforms for wind turbines has different accessories and configurations to adapt to different wind turbines and maintenance works.

- Control. The worker placed at the platform has full control of the platform which avoids lack of coordination when moving the platform and risk of catches.

- Integrated. The suspension sytems are perfectly integrated with the wind turbine's structure with high safety coefficients.

- Profitability. A suspended platform for wind turbines is a small investment in contrast to rent hugh cranes with cradles.

- Management improvement and staff coordination. It's not necessary to contract external staff, this means more facility to manage work groups. Documentation, incidences, weather changes... The operators work better with his own lifting devices.

- Versatility. The suspended platforms for wind turbines can also realize works on buildings, industrial installations, chimneys, bridges...


ACC-EOL-01 blade maintenance platform for wind turbines. Technical Features:

- Available in 230 V single-phase or 400 V three-phase.

- According to EN 1808 norm.

- Approved for lifting people.

- Unlimited height work.


ACC-EOL-01 Suspended platform for wind turbines Technical Sheet:

- Approved for lifting people: Yes.

- According to EN 1808 norm: Yes.

- Load capacity: 240 kg (2 person + tools).

- Dimensions: 1.600 x 700 mm.

- Handrail height: 1 m.

- Floor: Anti slip.

- Maximum height: Unlimited.

- Lift velocity: 9 m/min (available 18 m/min).

- Load limit control: Included.

- Emergency descent: Included.

- Double wire rope system: Included.

- Removable: Yes.

- Perimeter protection: Included.

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