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Avaho rescue davit arm
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Avaho rescue davit arm

Rescue davit arm "Accesus Avaho" destinated to descent, ascent and rescue maneuvers at wells, sewers, blast furnaces, reservoirs...

The machine can be dismantled and mounted in different places on the ground thanks to his base.

Includes an electric hoist according to EN 1808 norm with 280 kg of load capacity which allows to lift and descent quick and safely.

The electric hoist can be operated at the work seat with a control pad. The electric hoist also can be started with a secondary control pad placed at the davit arm.

A secondary safety system rescue manually the operator with a webbing retractor device (according to EN 795B) which includes a rescue lifting device (according to EN 1496 norm).

Technical features:

- Davit arm maximum load capacity: 280 kg.

- Maximum height: from 30 to 50 m.

- Maximum lifting load: 280 kg.

- Work seat's load capacity: 120 kg.

- Lifting speed: 8 m/min.

- Power supply: three-phase 400 V - 50 Hz.

- EN 795B anchorage points for people: 3.

- Manual rescue: included.

- Double control pad: included.

- Radio control pad: included.

- Revolving system with block: included.

- Wheels for transport: included.

- Emergency descent system of the electric hoist: included.

- Emergency ascent system of the manual lifting device: included.

- Emergency descent system of the manual lifting device: included.

- Support wheels for the work seat: optional.

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