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Motorised descent equipment Avaho-S
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Motorised descent equipment Avaho-S

The motorised descent equipment AVAHO-S is mounted on a rail beam with traverse functionality as well as fall arrest and rescue operation. It is certified for man-riding.

It is designed for the descent/acent and rescue of people in shells, shafts, furnace, water treatment plants, silos, etc...

This piece of equipment can easily be disassembled and displaced though a rail-beam by means of manual trolleys.

It comes with an electric hoist of a WLL of 280 kg which allows the lifting and descending of people on a quick and safe manner.

It has 2 operating controls:

- 1 remote control operated from the cradle or seat.

- 1 control post at the trolleys level.

A second safety system allows the rescue of people from the top, by acting a handlebar in the retractable fall arrest device (EN 795B certified plus rescue EN 1496 certified).

Different cradles and seats are available:

- Circular cradle; made of aluminium and Tramex structure, equipped with door and safety lock.

- Rectangular cradle; steel made. Side panels, plinth, stirrup and anti-slip floor. Available in 3 lengths: 800, 1.200 and 1.600 mm.

- One man seat; metallic seat, handlers, suspension points, anchoring points for harness and fall arrest device, strirrup (optional), safety belt (optional) and supporting wheels (optional).

Two traverse manual trolleys provide the horizontal displacement, they can be either:

- Push system, or - Chain, manual operated.

The whole system travels along the beam.

The traverse trolleys are for beams from 50 to 220 mm flange wide.

Rescue options:

- Using the electric hoist with power supply.

- Using the electric hoist with manual mode.

- Manual lifting using the retractable fall arrest device with integrated rescue.

Safety devices:

- Electric hoist: power supply fault or overload.

- Electric box: emergency stop button.

- Fall arrest.

- End of wire rope switch.

- Rescue lever detector.

- Additional limit switch.


- Retractable fall arrest EN 795B with rescue device EN 1496.

- Electric hoists manufactured to EN 1808 standard.

- Secondary safety device manufactured to EN 1808.

- Traverse manual trolleys manufactured to EN 795.

- Anchoring points for people manufactured to EN 795B.

- CE certified.

- Machine directive 2006/42/CE declaration of conformity.

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