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The Fixeo suspended scaffold over masts is very adaptable:

- From 2 to 12 m of length and till 100 m of height.

- Uses the same components as the standard suspended scaffolds: wire ropes, hoists, floors and handrails.

- Compatible with suspended scaffolds from other brands like tractel, altrex, camac, alba...

The suspended platforms over Fixeo masts adapts to works where is not possible to set-up suspension roof due to obstacles, inclined roofs...

The suspended platforms over Fixeo masts is an excellent accessory for classic suspended platforms indicated tor restoration buildings companies, rent companies and works at buildings due to the versatility and profitability of this product.



- Very useful for buildings with inclinated roofs.

- Quick profitability.

- Reduced storage. The pieces can be adapted to different kind of works.

- Compatible with classic suspended platforms.

- 1 mast can support 2 adjacent platforms.

- Direct access to the work place with a speed climbing of 9 m/min.

- Stability.

- Less bothers to the building's users.


Technical features:

- Platform from 2 to 12 m of length.

- Till 100 m of height.

- Load capacity: till 900 kg.

- 1 m2 base with 4 cylinders to adjust the stability of the masts and ensure the verticality.

- Fastenings to facade by means of expansion shells.

- Safety devices integrated at the hoist: brake in case of power supply error, overload sensor, upper limit switch, manual emergency descent.


Technical data:

- Approved for lifting people: Yes.

- According to EN 1808: Yes.

- Load capacity: 180 kg/m.

- Maximum load capacity: 900 kg.

- Maximum height: 100 m.

- Maximum length: 1 m.

- Climbing speed: 9 m/min.

- Height of the handrail: 1 m.

- Anti slip floor: Yes.

- Load limit control: Included.

- Remote control for hoists: Included.

- Double wire rope system: Included.

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