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Electric cabinet for hoist's control
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Electric cabinet for hoist's control

The suspended platforms with electric hoists needs a control system for lift and descent maneuvers and to coordinate hoists, limit switch and other devices.

The Gyroscop electric cabinet has been specially designed to coordinate e.lift hoists for lifting people. Contains up and down controls, hoist's selection and stop emergency button.

The Gyroscop electric cabinet is compatible with all the e.lift electric hoists and it's possible to adapt (optional) a 230V secondary power supply for electric tools or a button panel.

There are a second range of electric cabinets destinated exclusively to single cradles and suspended work seats with electric hoists as well as special suspended platforms with several hoists.

The Gyroscop includes a correcting inclination system with sofisticated electronic components.

The Gyroscop sensor is integrated into the electric cabinet and includes some safety functions which corrects the inclination if exceeds from 6º (stops one hoist to counteract the inclination). If the inclination exceeds 10º the sensor stops automatically the platform, then the levelling must be doing manually.

The Gyroscop electric cabinet has several versions depending on the hoists (230 V single-phase or 400 V three-phase).



- Easy to use.

- Stops the power supply in case of danger.

- Stop emergency button.

- Attachment: 230 V secondary power plug and button pannel.

- Maneuver's control for 1 or more hoists.

- Minimum maintenance.

Technical features:

- According to EN 1808 norm.

- 48 V control voltage.

- Stop emergency button.

- Electric control centralized for 1 or more hoists.

- Available for 230 V single-phase or 400 V three-phase.

- Manual levelling.

- Automatic levelling at Gyroscop model.

- Control of inclination at Gyroscop model.

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