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E.lift 501 Electric hoist
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E.lift 501 Electric hoist

The e.lift 501 electric hoist is specially designed and approved for lifting people.

Can be incorporated to different kind of suspended platforms (like Moduleco or Modulaho) and suspended cradles, suspended work seats and other special scaffoldings.

The e.lift 501 electric hoist has a load capacity of 500 kg and unlimited height.

Includes all the safety devices necessary for lifting people: emergency descent, electromagnetic brake, load limit sensor and upper limit switch.

His wire ropes system allows an unlimited height just changing the length of the wire ropes.

The e.lift 501 is robust, reliable, easy to maintain and to transport thanks to his compact design.

Manufactured in aluminium which guarantees lightweight and resistance to corrosion.

To guarantee the safety it has double wire ropes (suspension wire rope and secondary wire rope) and includes a Securichute fall arrest device.



- Unlimited height work.

- Simplified adjust of the maximum load.

- Automatic acoustic bleeper.

- Built in aluminium and corrosion resistance.

- Constant force and climb speed.

- Quick access to electric and mechanical components.

- Automatic pass of the wire rope.


Technical features:

- Available in three-phase.

- Electric hoist according to EN 1808 norm.

- Approved for lifting people.

- Double wire rope.

- Compatible with different automatisms, electric cabinets, limit switch...


Technical data:

- Load capacity: 500 kg

- Approved for lifting people: Yes.

- According to EN 1808 norm: Yes.

- Motor voltage: 380-400V – 50/60 Hz.

- Climb speed: 9.7 m/min.

- Wire rope diameter: 8,3 mm.

- Brake load limit of the wire rope: 5.530 kg.

- Safety coefficient of the wire rope: 9,2.

- Weight: 43 kg.

- Emergency descent speed: 4,5 m/min.

- Load limit sensor: Yes.

- Engine's power: 1 kW.

- Starter motor limit: 11 A.

- Intensity: 3 A.

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