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Custom-made projects and special access solutions
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Custom-made projects and special access solutions

The Laws of Labor Risk Prevention recommends the use of appropritate equipment for working at heights.

Accesus performs a detailed study by analysing all specific requirements for each case and proposes a bespoke solution.

Accesus designs, manufactures, assembles, installs and certifies your machine if it's necessary.

Accesus developes, produces and supplies safe machinery and systems for work at heights. We execute all kind of lifting projects for all sectors.

We have more than 10 years experience in different sectors such as the wind turbine industry, thermal and nuclear power stations, bridge construction and restoration, singular structures, tanks, shafts, silos, rail works, piers, dikes, pipelines, buildings restoration, etc.

Accesus is composed of a young and dynamic team with huge experience to ensure the best guarantee of success for your project.

Accesus visits the worksite with you and is responsible for all necessary managements:

- It deals and works in coordination with the different usual partners like production managers, architects, engineers, safety managers, administration...

- It analyses every detail, it proposes solutions and has an active presence during the installation and the commissioning of the machines.

Accesus develops its whole equipment according to the European directives.

We also collaborate with industrial, engineering and construction companies to bring machines and work processes into line of the current legislation. Development of documents for CE marking and improvement of all security procedures for machines to be used for work at heights.

Watch HERE and HERE the videos about our special projects.

Proyectos a medida y accesos especiales
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