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Accesus team

At Accesus you will find the support of a whole team of commercial and technical professionals who will advise you on the acquisition of Accesus products and services.
Get to know us a bit further:

Commercial, Engineering and After-sales
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Manuel Manzano

Sales Manager
Manu news


+34 600 098 206

+34 93 475 17 73

Sergi Jiménez

Commercial Dpt.
Sergi Equipo Accesus


+34 93 475 17 73


Carmen Carvajal

PPEs Manager
Carmen Equipo Accesus


+34 620 410 771

+34 93 475 17 73

Rodrigo Borges

Commercial Dpt.
Personal Accesus - Rodrigo


+34 93 475 17 73


Lydia Cañigueral

Marketing Manager
Lydia Equipo Accesus


+34 93 475 17 73


Unai Rodríguez

Technical Chief
Unai Equipo Accesus


+34 610 906 318

+34 93 475 17 73

Oriol Martí

Technical Department
Oriol Martí Equipo Accesus


+34 93 475 17 73


Núria Rabal

Purchase Manager
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+34 93 475 17 73

Jose Carlos Galo

Workshop Manager
Jose C. Equipo Accesus


+34 93 475 17 73


Pablo Vecino

Assembly Manager
Pablo Equipo Accesus


+34 93 475 17 73

+34 611 022 702.

Accesus Representatives
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Alberto Villar

Representative in Seville, Córdoba, Málaga, Cádiz and Huelva
Alberto Villar cuadrada

Álvaro Tejera Molina

Representative in Granada
Redelsur Alvaro Tejera


+34 687 772 494

+34 958 462 764

Rafael Bauset

Representative in Valencia and Castellón
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+34 639 632 846

Javier Zubiri

Representative in Navarra and La Rioja
Javier Zubiri - Representante Accesus en Navarra y La Rioja


+34 653 134 075

Victoriano M. Martín Pons

Representative in Salamanca, Valladolid, Zamora, Palencia, Segovia and Ávila
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+34 646 980 357

Javier SanJosé Molina

Representative in Central Zone
Repres Accesus - Javier SanJosé


+34 626 598 550

Alberto García del Pulgar

Representative in Central Zone
Repre Accesus - Alberto García del Pulgar


+34 648 611 514

Mario González Representaciones

Representative in Canary Islands
Repres Accesus - MarioGonzalez Representaciones
Founding Partner and Head of Sales

We listen to our clients and the market to propose solutions to the needs and services that they bring up to us every day.

Unai Rodríguez
Founding Partner and Technical Manager

The success of Accesus depends on basing our product innovation plan on the demands of our consumers.

Personal Accesus - Carmen
Carmen Carvajal
PPEs Manager

We can’t wait to see if it works, let’s make it work.

Personal Accesus - Sergi
Sergi Jiménez
Commercial Department Administrative Officer

Customer service is not just one department, we all are at Accesus.

Lydia Cañigueral
Marketing Manager

My motivation is to reinvent ourselves every day to be able to find products for our customers and not customers for our products.

Alberto Villar
Accesus Representative in Western Andalusia

At Accesus we like to think that we make colleagues and friends, not sales.

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