Training in mechanical PPEs review and repair

Training in mechanical PPEs review and repair


To comply with the obligation to review mechanical PPEs at height at least once a year, Accesus Global Training offers a training course for our distributors or the end customers to carry out the reviews.

Knowing that the current regulations on the revision of mechanical PPEs requires at least one annual check-up, Accesus Global Training offers our clients both training to be able to check their mechanical equipment themselves and the possibility of checking them ourselves at our Accesus facilities.

With the completion of this Accesus Global Training mechanical PPEs course, the student acquires the knowledge to correctly register equipment and to check and carry out repairs when necessary. The course certificate is valid for 2 years.

This training module is compatible with the V.acces application, a tool developed by Accesus to organize the traceability of Accesus products and manage periodic reviews and review reports.

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