TRI1 rescue arm

TRI1 rescue arm


The rescue arm TRI1 is a structure designed to protect up to 2 people at once from falls in height in confined spaces.

It can also be used for rescuing people by adding a compatible Accesus rescuer or fall arrester to the arm.

Made of anodized aluminum alloy with galvanized and powder-coated steel fittings, it is a very light device that is easy to assemble and transport. Its structure allows up to 5 different configurations according to the adjustable positions of inclination that the arm allows. The height of the leg can also be modified in 4 adjustable positions. It has 3 anchorage points.



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With CE marking the TRI1 Accesus rescue arm fully complies with the safety guidelines for temporary anchorage points (EN 795B), fall arresters (TS 16415B) and equipment for rescue tasks (EN 1496B).

Summary table of basic features of the TRI1 rescue arm:

Max. load capacity  140 o 200 Kg, according to configuration
Weight  8 Kg
Maximum leg height Desde 1,29 a 1,74 m
Possible heights of the 5 positions De 0,71 a 1,16 m; de 1,29 a 1,74 m; de 1,86 a 2,31 m; de 2,35 a 2,60 m y de 2,71 a 3,16 m
Arm range De 0,79 a 1,67 m
Number of people 2
Anchorage points for people EN795B 3
Dimensions collected 190 x 22 x 14 cm
Material Aluminum and steel