EN 1808 Translation Trolley

EN 1808 Translation Trolley


The Accesus EN 1808 trolley is a device designed to support and keep in vertical position Accesus electric or manual suspended platforms up to a maximum load capacity of 500 kg.

These trolleys are installed and correctly adjusted on the lower flange of horizontal “T” or “double T” beams.

The trolley facilitates the suspended platforms’ movement on the support beam axis, as it allows an exact positioning and easy translation of the media by manual or chain drive. An electric version is also available. The EN 1808 trolley includes shackle and double anchorage for working and safety wire of the suspended platforms.

It is delivered with its corresponding CE certificates for lifting people and its installation and use manual, as required by the European Machinery Directive 2006/42 and EN 1808.

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Summary table of basic features of the EN 1808 trolley:

Max. load capacity 500 Kg
Weight of trolley EN 1808 manual thrust 11,3 Kg
Weight of the trolley EN 1808 push by chain 13,5 Kg (without chain)
Width of beam wing De 50 a 220 mm
Max. thickness of the beam flange 25 mm
Min. curve radius 0,9 m
Safety Coefficient 10:1
Material Steel