CG0.6 Suspended crane basket

CG0.6 Suspended crane basket


The Accesus CG0.6 suspended crane baskets are the smallest in the CG family of baskets used as a certified 1-person rescue system.

It is a very useful model in special works and especially narrow places.

The CG0.6 is smaller in size (0.6 x 0.6 m) and is made up of small modular pieces that allow it to be introduced into places that are difficult to access and provide safe access for people to confined spaces.

Available in 2 different configurations: with a closed roof and without a roof, as required.

This model of CG0.6 includes 1 fixing point approved in accordance with standard EN-795 for the safety of users.

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CG0.6 consists of 1 access door with an automatic locking system, protective handrails, and bases, interior handrails to prevent trapping, lower support legs to avoid foot trapping, non-slip floors, and suspension slings. Its supply also includes the suspension octopus.

As producers, we always provide the assembly and use manual and the safety certificate, also the basket CG0.6 has incorporated the load and product identification plates.

Fully demountable, the CG0.6 suspended basket is easy to transport and store.

Completely demountable, the CG0.6 suspended basket is easy to transport and store.

Manufactured according to the UNE-EN 14502-1 standard.

Summary table of basic characteristics of the CG0.6 suspended basket for cranes:

Maximum load capacity 300 Kg (1 person)
Weight 125 Kg
Maximum height Unlimited
Height of railings 1,1 m
Total height 2,25 m
Number of doors 1
Dimensions 0,6 x 0,6 x 2,25 m
Material Steel
Finished Paint