BASIC S motorized chair

BASIC S motorized chair

The motorized hanging chair BASIC S of Accesus is a lightweight and small-sized device for people and loads that allows working vertically in confined spaces such as downspouts, patios, facades, warehouses, silos or chimneys.

With a very vertical structure, the Basic S motorized chair is composed of a hanging steel chair equipped with an e.lift® 501 electric lift, suspended by steel cables. There is also an integrated securichute®600 fall protection device and a dual cable system (working and safety). Moreover, the chair is equipped with accessories to facilitate its maneuverability, such as the control cabinet, the upper and lower stirrups, the front wheels, and the footrest.

The chair’s assembly requires no more than the placement of the cables on the lifting device and their fixing to the associated suspension. The working height is unlimited, depending on the length of the line placed for each job.

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The Basic S Accesus motorized hanging chair is an ergonomic, simple, and safe chair, and it is elementary to use because it does not require special training. Furthermore, being a BASIC family product it is compatible and easy transformed with any other hanging cabin of the same Accesus BASIC family.

It is delivered with its appropriate CE certificates for lifting people and its use and assembly manual, as stated in the European Directive 2006/42 and EN 1808.


Summary table of essential features of the Accesus BASIC S motorized chair:

Max. load capacity  120 Kg/m for 1 person and/or loads
Weight of chair without lift  10 Kg
Weight of the chair with lift  80 Kg
Maximum work height  Unlimited
Minimum space required  450 mm
 Number of people  1
diametro-cable Wire diameter  8,3 mm
Wire Safety Coefficient  10,8
Lifting speed  9 m/min (with option of 18 m/min)
alimentacion-electrica Supply voltage  400 V - 50 Hz
alimentacion-electrica Engine power  1,0 kW
alimentacion-electrica Intensity  2,8 A
alimentacion-electrica Starting point  11 A
Material  Aluminium and steel