Special suspended platform for high-voltage cables installation in a 300-meter shaft

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    Gouvães, Portugal

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    Hydropower plants

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    Technical documentation

    Project Ref.: 211052 

    Depth: 320 meters 

    Regulations: 2006/42/CE, EN 1808  

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The customer needs a very special suspended platform to install high-voltage cables in a 300-meter deep shaft in a newly built hydropower plant.

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Design and development of a totally customized platform highly adapted to the circular shaft and prepared for 300 meters deep or more.

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A suspended platform with a semi-circular shape, higher than usual handrails, anchorage points, and various adaptations to this particular case.

A very collaborative development and design process with the customer resulted in the ideal solution for a very complicated job, such as the assembly of elements in a structure of about 300 meters deep.

Another Accesus’ great success.

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Technical documentation
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