PERM 06 Suspended bosun chair

PERM 06 Suspended bosun chair

The PERM 06 Suspended bosun chair from Accesus is a one-person lift adapted to different necessities. It is designed for access to incredibly narrow places and to remain permanently installed in a building.

With a maximum load capacity of 120 Kg, the PERM 06 suspended bosun is compatible with the e.lift®350 passenger lift and uses the monorail suspension system. Also, it has a spring rewinder for electrical cables and front wheels.

Our technical department works closely with the customer to produce custom designs.

It is delivered with its corresponding EC declaration of conformity for lifting people and its use and assembly manual, as required by European Directive 2006/42/EC and EN 1808.

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Summary table of basic features of the PERM 06 suspended bosun chair:

Max. load capacity   120 Kg
Maximum working height 
 100 m
Number of people  1
diametro-cable Wire diameter  8,3 mm
Lifting speed  9 m/min (with option of 18 m/min)
alimentacion-electrica Supply voltage  380-415 V
alimentacion-electrica Engine power   0,74 kw
alimentacion-electrica Intensity  2.8 A
Material  Aluminium and steel