Rent in the Construction sector


Both in the public and private sectors, construction and rehabilitation tasks of facades, downspouts, patios, facilities and galleries need to be carried out … For this, the different configurations of Accesus rental equipment provide the optimal solution for any form of spaces where you have to act.

We have rental of electric or manual hanging scaffolding that can reach up to 22 meters in length, rental of electric or manual hanging cabins from 50 cm to 4.8 meters, rental of electric hanging chairs or manual chairs, rental of cargo lifts or hoists of up to 1,000 kg, rental of crane baskets, rental of davits such as the suspension beam and rental of gantries from 500 Kg of load capacity to 3,000 Kg. All these teams allow to carry out any type of work in any space.

All Accessus hanging platforms are approved for lifting people according to the UNE-EN1808 standard and the European Directive 2006/42 / CE. The rental of the hanging cabin is delivered with its corresponding certificates for lifting people, as well as assembly and use manuals in Spanish, and does not require special training to be used.

Its reduced dimensions and weight allow a very quick placement in the work area.

The disassembled Basic hanging cabin and Komplet hanging platform can be inserted through a 55 × 55 cm window. They are available with the manual lift or with electric lifts.

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