Training in cable lifts and suspended scaffolds review and repair

Training in cable lifts and suspended scaffolds review and repair


Suspended platforms and all types of lifting machines manufactured in Accesus must pass at least one annual inspection.

Accesus Global Training offers training for the revision of elevators and machines. This training is recommended for the following population groups:

  • Companies that have a large number of Accesus equipment. By carrying out maintenance with their own means, the customer can save time and money.
  • Companies that, due to high mobility of the equipment or because they are displaced from their usual locations, need autonomy in the area to carry out regular maintenance.

Thus, the Accesus lift and machine revision course is taught by Accesus specialist technicians with long years of experience in the handling and maintenance of Accesus suspended scaffolds and lifting systems. Once the course is finished, the student gets a 2-year validity certificate that will allow him to check and repair the Accesus equipment step by step after a long period of use or heavy use of the equipment.

This training module is compatible with the V.acces application, a tool developed by Accesus to organize the traceability of Accesus products and manage periodic reviews and review reports.

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