BR1 BR2 BR3 and MW rescue arms

BR1 BR2 BR3 and MW rescue arms


The BR1, BR2, BR3 and MW rescue arms are devices for rescuing and protecting people designed for work in sewage treatment plants, manholes and difficult to access places.

Easy to install and dismantle, this family of Access products’ rescue arms fits different bases that can be installed in other places. Thus, we can mount them on bases on the ground or vehicle, lateral bases for concrete walls, or embedded bases on the floor. On the other hand, these rescue arms BR1, BR2, BR3, and MW can be fitted with 1 or 2 retractable fall arresters with a rescue device of up to 60 meters in length (EN 360 and EN 1496) and a winch for lifting loads of up to 300 kg.

Made of stainless steel these rescue arms are very versatile and durable, even allowing exposure to weather and adverse climate situations. The BR2 and BR3 rescue arm models offer adjustable leg heights.

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All models of the rescue arm BR1 BR2 BR3 and MW (manhole model) are CE marked and comply with the safety regulations for temporary anchorage points (EN 795B), fall arresters (TS 16415B) and equipment for rescue tasks (EN 1496B).

Summary table of basic features of the BR1, BR2, BR3 and MW rescue arms:

Max. load capacity  36 Kg
Weight BR1 2,30 m
Arm range BR1  0,75 m from the central axis of the leg
Weight BR2  39 Kg
Possible heights BR2 De 1,53 a 1,83 m
  Arm range BR2 De 1,15 a 1,25 m
Weight BR3 42 Kg
Arm range BR3 De 1,75 a 2,06 m
Arm range BR3  De 1,15 a 1,25 m
Weight MW 42 Kg
Length of the MW arm 1,54 m
Material Stainless steel