Polygonal suspended platform with adjustable angles

Polygonal suspended platform with adjustable angles

The polygonal suspended platform is a flexible modular suspended scaffold, which can be dismantled into small pieces and adapted to different shapes and angles for work on building corners, chimneys, hoppers, silos, ovens, tanks, reservoirs, wells, and other spaces with particular geometries.

As most of Accesus’ people and load lifting equipment, the polygonal hanging platforms with adjustable angles are mostly made of aluminum and can be easily and quickly assembled using pins and screws.

In addition, being modular equipment, the polygonal platform with adjustable corners can result in structures square, pentagonal, hexagonal, etc., according to customer needs.

Made up of aluminum modules of between 1, 2, or 3 meters, fixed and adjustable corner pieces, electric (e.lift® 501 and e.lift 800), manual (m.lift® 400) or pneumatic (p.lift® 500) lifting devices, fall arresters (securichute®600), electric cabinet, lyres and lateral and angular floors, suspension and safety cables, motor anchors and handrails.

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With a total working height, the Accesus polygonal suspended platform with adjustable angles is ideal for setting up any height work in unique narrow spaces. Its pieces allow the passage through reduced utility holes of 750 mm in diameter.

Suitable for a wide range of accessories and suspensions of the BASIC and KOMPLET family that will vary according to the application to be given to the equipment.

The polygonal hanging scaffolds with adjustable angles are delivered with their corresponding CE certificates for lifting people and their user and assembly manual, as required by European Directive 2006/42 and EN 1808.

Summary table of basic features of the polygonal suspended platform with adjustable angles:

Possible configurations (shapes) Poligonal (cuadrada, pentagonal, hexagonal, heptagonal, octogonal…)
Max. load capacity (Kg) According to the configuration
Maximum working height Unlimited
Number of people According to the configuration
Minimum space required 750 mm in diameter
Material Aluminum and steel