PERM 05 Suspended platform

PERM 05 Suspended platform

Accesus’ PERM 05 permanent suspended platform is lifting equipment for people used in window, curtain wall, and patio cleaning works. It adapts to different necessities, being used in various types of buildings.

The PERM 05 permanent suspended platform can be configured in lengths of 1.4 to 4.5 meters. Our technical department works closely with the customer to produce custom designs.

The PERM 05 permanent platform has two motorization and power supply options available: e.lift®350 or e.lift®500 three-phase or single-phase electric hoist. In addition, it is equipped with the SECURISTOP 600 fall protection system, steel cable reel and spring rewinder for electric cables.

The PERM 05 permanent suspended platform has a maximum working height of 100 m and can use different hanging systems such as monorail, deck trolleys or rotating hanging boom.

Resistant, ergonomic and lightweight, PERM 05 is made of a mechanical welding system in galvanized steel (bearing support) and aluminum (tube and fairing structure), which makes it highly resistant to corrosion.

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Compatible with a wide range of accessories and suspensions that will vary according to the application to be given to the equipment.

It is delivered with its corresponding EC declaration of conformity for lifting people and its use and assembly manual, as required by European Directive 2006/42/EC and EN 1808.

Summary table of basic characteristics of the PERM 05 permanent suspended platform:

Max. load capacity  From 180 to 300 kg
Total length  3,456 m
Total width  0,865 m
Total height  2,150 m
Weight without wire   310 kg
Sd Coefficient  2
Material Galvanized steel and aluminum