The Accesus MODUBLADE II blade platform is a suspended scaffold designed especially for the access and maintenance of wind turbine tower blades in windfarms. 

Made of aluminum, the MODUBLADE II is a hanging platform that can be demounted entirely into smaller pieces for more comfortable transport. Equipped with an e.lift® 501 electric lift, the MODUBLADE II is certified for lifting people and work tools. It also has a braking system, an emergency lowering system, and an overload detection system. It also has a Securichute® 600 fall protection system. The MODUBLADE II has a double wire rope suspension system (for work and one for safety).

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The MODUBLADE II suspended scaffolding is provided with its corresponding CE certificate and its installation and use manual, as marked by the European Machinery Directive 2006/42 and EN 1808.

MODUBLADE II basic features summary table:

Support for wind turbines Can be used in wind turbines from 30 to 150 m high and blades up to 4.5 m wide.
Max. load capacity 300 Kg
Weight 200 Kg
People capacity 2
 Posible configurations (lenght in m) 1,60 o 2 m
 Max. working height Unlimited
 Handrails height 1,30 m (trasera y laterales), 1 m (frontal)
Material Aluminum