A32PRO Harness

A32PRO Harness


Double anchorage harness with extensible strap

Harness with the possibility of adjustments in shoulders, legs, and chest.

It has a dorsal and a frontal anchorage point formed by two eyelets, connection-regulation buckle of straps in the legs, chest, and shoulders. Strap regulation buckles on shoulders.

It has a subgluteal strap that provides greater comfort and support and supports a load of up to 140kg.

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Summary table of basic features:

Brand Accesus
Anchorage points 1 dorsal and 1 swab
Max. Load capacity Up to 140 Kg
Weight 1000 g
Sizes M-XXL
Belt regulation Legs, chest, and shoulders
Closures  The plastic buckle of closure
Material Polyamide strips
Ergonomics Adjustment in legs, chest, and shoulders. Subgluteal tape
Regulations EN 361
Certificates CE
Product number Unique and individual
Packaging Individual plastic bag