A01C Safety Harness

A01C Safety Harness


Basic harness for working in confined spaces

Harness with anti-fall function (EN361).

It has a dorsal anchorage point, connecting buckle-regulating straps on legs and chest. It has a built-in fixed positioning lanyard (REF:610100).







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A01C summary table of basic features:

Brand Accesus
Anchorage points 1 bib
Max. Load capacity Untill 100 Kg
  Weight 750 g
Sizes M-L
Belt regulation Legs and chest
Closures  Plastic connection-adjustment buckle
Material Polyamide strips
Ergonomics Adjustment in legs and chest
Regulations EN 361   EN 354   EN 358
Certificates CE
Product number Unique and individual
Packaging Individual plastic bag