Tank davit

Tank davit

The Accesus tank davit is an accessory designed to suspend hanging scaffolding in tanks and reservoirs safely without counterweights.

It is installed on the upper edge of the vertical wall of cylindrical tanks with a self-supporting roof and ventilation pipe or central structure, both with and without railings.

Made of steel and composed of very manageable pieces, it is lightweight, modular equipment, easy to transport and assemble with screws. The davit anchorage must be connected to a suitable point using a cable, which is usually the ventilation pipe in the center of the tank.

The Accesus tank davit is delivered with its appropriate CE certificate for lifting people and its use and assembly manual, as required by European Directive 2006/42 and EN 1808.

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Summary table of basic features of the tank davit:

Max. load capacity    500 Kg
 Weight  115 Kg
Maximum height of railing 1,2 m
Flight 0,7 m
Material Galvanized steel (painted option)