Suspension beam-davit (4m)

Suspension beam-davit (4m)


The Accesus suspension beam-davit is a system without counterweights for hanging platforms and suspended scaffolds that are usually installed on roofs, terraces and rooftops for inspection and maintenance work in confined spaces such as patios, wells and warehouses.

Configurable in 3 possible support types: on trestles with wheel and brake, on support plates on bibs, and support plates on the ground. Moreover, the suspension beam-davit includes a trolley or an adjustable clamp to connect the suspension platforms’ suspension cables.

galvanized steel parts and can be easily assembled with bolts by one person. The version on trestles is equipped with brake wheels to allow easy and safe operation. It allows a maximum width of 4 meters, supports a maximum load capacity of 500 kg and a maximum height of 1.1 meters.

It is delivered with its own CE certificates for lifting people and its use and assembly manual, as it is required by the European Directive 2006/42 and EN 1808.

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Summary table of basic features of the suspension beam-davit:

Max. load capacity 500 Kg
Maximum width 4 m
Max. height of bibs 1,1 m
Max. length of dismounted part 2 m
Material Galvanized steel