AVAHO M descent equipment

AVAHO M descent equipment


The AVAHO M ascent, descent and rescue equipment would be the equivalent of the AVAHO but without engine, with manual lift, and like the AVAHO, is an ideal system to be used in confined spaces such as sewers, dam gates, water treatment plants, wells, furnaces or treatment plants.

The main components of the AVAHO M are the single-person chair, basket, or hanging cabin, suspended by steel cables from a suspension boom equipped with an m.lift® 400 electric lift, an EN795B hand-crank rescue device, and a retractable fall arrester with rescue device complying with EN360. The suspension is anchored to the slab using a fixed base.

The maximum height of use is 60 meters, depending on the equipment’s configuration, so it will be essential to know the working size to ensure a suitable AVAHO M design.

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The AVAHO M equipment is removable and transportable to facilitate its installation in different environments. Moreover, the AVAHO M equipment is easily manageable, allowing to raise and lower people quickly and safely. Thus, the AVAHO M descent equipment has two control posts: one manual one next to the chair or hanging basket and the other manual one at the suspension boom support level. Besides, it has a double EN795B fall arrest safety system that allows the operator's manual rescue in case of a fall, either by the rescuer or the retractable fall arrest device with the rescuer.

The equipment is compatible with different models of chairs and hanging baskets Accesus Basic, all of them certified for the AVAHO M. As a whole, the AVAHO M is CE marked and complies with the safety requirements to form a temporarily suspended access installation under the declaration of conformity of the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

Summary table of basic features of AVAHO descent equipment:

Max. load capacity  400 Kg
Max. load capacity of chair or basket  120 Kg
Maximum working height  25 - 60 m
 Minimum space required  470 mm
Number of people  1
Anchorage point  EN795B  3
Material  Aluminium and steel