LM 500+ Equipment lifting

LM 500+ Equipment lifting


The Electric Lift LM 500+ is a through wire rope lift that allows you to move and lift loads with a maximum capacity of 500 Kg.

With no working height limit, the LM 500+ electric elevator is used in different sectors, including the elevator industry, construction, civil works, and maintenance work on shafts and wind towers.

The LM 500+ Through Hoist was designed to simplify customer use. Ergonomic and robust, it is equipped with an aluminum billet casing, making it less vulnerable to different types of impacts and minimizing the risks of damage generated over time.

Lightweight and compact, the LM 500+ electric lift has two limit switches (IP 65 – water and dust resistant) that stop the cable from going up or down to prevent it from coming out of the lift. It is also equipped with a temperature probe that protects the electric motor and stops the charge from overheating.

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It can increase its load capacity up to 990 Kg using the return kit (double rope). Its maintenance is simplified thanks to the easy access to the mechanical part.

It is a portable device, easy to handle, transport, and install. It has a button panel or radio control, easily interchanged as the lift has a pre-installed electrical socket. Radio control offers a new level of comfort at work. The elevation of loads is carried out with more autonomy and less disorder of cables and extensions in the workplace.

It is delivered with its corresponding EC declaration of conformity for lifting loads and its use and assembly manual, as required by European Directive 2006/42/EC.


Summary table of basic features of the LM 500+ freight elevator:

Max. load capacity   500 Kg
Max. forwarding load capacity  990 Kg
alimentacion-electrica Engine power   1,1 kW
alimentacion-electrica Voltage    Monofásico 230  v-50/60Hz (disponible también en 110V - 50/60Hz)
alimentacion-electrica Rated (starting) current A  50 Hz = 7/21A

60 Hz = 9/21A

Top and bottom limit switch  Yes
Total weight  32 Kg
Dimensions  255x240x809 mm
Lifting speed  50 Hz = 7 m/min

60 Hz = 8 m/min

diametro-cable Cable diameter and type  6.5 a 6.8 mm - 6x19

Mixed galvanized core