Steel Wire Suspension

Steel Wire Suspension


The Accesus Steel Wire Suspension are class B galvanized steel wires designed to support the elevation of people and loads with hanging platforms in all types of vertical works in suspensions such as facades, bridges, chimneys, silos and deposits, awnings, or patios.

According to the device at which they are used, there are different diameters of suspension cable: for LM freight elevators, we will use the suspension wire with a diameter of 6.8 mm; for hanging scaffolds with manual elevators m.lift® 400 and electric elevators e.lift® 500 and e.lift® 501, the wire diameter will be 8.3 mm; for electric elevators e.lift® 800, the wire diameter will be 9.5 mm, and for motorized platforms equipped with e.lift® 1000, we will use the wire diameter of 10.2 mm. Also linked to the device it is equipped with, it will change the maximum load capacity that the suspension cable can support, reaching a full load of 1,000 kg.

The Accesus suspension wires come greased with a unique three metric ton (MT) hook, safety lock, aluminum crimp, and thimble. The core of the wire is made of synthetic fiber.

Designed in conformity with standard EN12385-4, it is delivered with the corresponding CE mark certified for lifting persons, as required by European Directive 2006/42 and EN 1808.

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Summary table of basic features of the suspension wire:

Max. load capacity  1.000 Kg
diametro-cable Possible wire diameters 6,8 – 8,3 – 9,5 – 10,2 mm
diametro-cable Wired Right cross
diametro-cable Soul  Synthetic
Hook 3 MT with safety lock
Material Galvanized steel class B