About us

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Who we are

Accesus is the combination of a big team of professionals dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of suspended platforms, special scaffolding, safe access systems for work at height and special access for people.

Born in 2009, Accesus team has more than 10 years of experience offering quality, design and safe solutions.

We are specialized in works at height and difficult access, so what define us most are rigorousness in the manufacture and approval of our products and protocols.



The Accesus engine is driven by our obsession with contributing to people’s safety while we provide added value to our customers.

We achieve all this by putting at your disposal suspended platforms, equipment for work at height, and related services of the highest quality so that they benefit both the company and society.



Accesus works with ease in all kinds of environments and activities, as well as with all kinds of interlocutors.

We are recognized national leaders, with a strong international projection, by our users, employees, clients and suppliers in the suspended platforms and work at height sector.



Passion: committed with heart and mind.

Innovation: we constantly study ways to improve processes and products.

Quality: we seek excellence.

Corporate Social Responsibility: committed to the environment.

Customer Service: aimed at satisfying our customers through our products and services.

Flexibility: easily adaptable to changes.

Permanent training: we are committed to the continuous training of our staff.

Discover Accesus and we will take you to the top.

International Presence

Trying to offer the best quality standards wherever we go, in Accesus we are proud to say that today around 20% of our benefits come from the projects of the International department.
In 2007 Accesus created the Exports department and since then we have been working hard to lay the foundations of success in the industry of lifting loads and people, also abroad.

Presence in more than 20 countries

Exponential sales trend

20% of total turnover

Our customers

La larga experiencia del personal de Accesus en trabajos en alturas, junto a un servicio y productos de calidad ha convertido Accesus en la marca de confianza elegida por nuestros clientes.

Ellos ya confían en Accesus, ¿y tú?

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