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At Accesus we have more than 25 years of experience in the world of manufacturing BASIC model suspended cradles and scaffolds.

CE certified and approved to guarantee maximum safety for our users, as required by the EN1808 standard for lifting loads and people.


BASIC suspended cradles are very versatile platforms, perfect for all types of rehabilitation work on facades, interior works in buildings and light yards, maintenance tasks in tanks and silos, chimneys, dams, wells, bridges, roofs, and much more!

Available in the 3 lifting systems on the market: manual, electric or pneumatic.

Multiple models that allow a wide range of configurations, depending on the space available for assembly and transport. The parts of the BASIC products are standard and can be combined with each other, so that with minor investments great solutions can be achieved.

The Accesus BASIC suspended cradles are compatible with the very wide range of Accesus suspensions, as they can be hung from terraces, bridges, mobile trolleys, tanks, booms, turrets and suspension beams, etc.

See below the full range of BASIC suspended cradles and scaffolds and if you need more complete or special platforms, take a look at the Accesus KOMPLET family of suspended scaffolding, the custom designs service and special projects.

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