Load test tool for CG300 and CG600 baskets

Load test tool for CG300 and CG600 baskets


The load test tool for CG300 and CG600 baskets has been designed to complement all CG300 and CG600 (with or without a roof) crane basket models.

While the CG300 suspended basket model requires only one module of the load testing fixture, the CG600 basket models require two modules of the load testing fixture.

The purpose is to perform the load test before the first start-up of the device and consequently before the first lifting operation of staff. The load test fixture must also be used each time it is to be used with the intended load and from the ground.

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For successful use of this element, it must be checked that there is no interference, that the systems work correctly and that the total load is below 50% of the limit of each configuration in fixed cranes and below 40% in mobile cranes. The crane base, the safety of the assembly (crane and all types of connecting elements), and the basket's balance shall always be checked.

The load testing tools' fitting is done using screws, which facilitate both their installation and storage and transport. Its design allows easy transport by crane thanks to its eyebolts or by bulldozer or pallet truck thanks to its feet.

The CG300 and CG600 load testing tools for suspended cranes meet the safety regulations of the NTP 956.

Summary table of basic features of the load test tool for CG300 and CG600 baskets:

Weight 375 Kg
Counterweight 14 high dense weight concrete blocks
Material Steel