The Accesus TRI 12 SPIDER rescue tripod is a rescue system for confined spaces certified for the use of two people simultaneously or loads up to 1,000 kg.

It consists of a safety tripod and a bipedal structure, which can be used separately or combined with a steel beam that allows the displacement and placement of the trolleys and anchor points. 

Among its multiple uses, it can be employed as a descent tripod and a rescue gantry for works in sewers, wells, and for unblocking jobs. 

Its working height ranges from 1.39 to 2.21 meters high. 

Made of aluminum alloy and steel, tripod TRI12 SPIDER is a lightweight temporary anchoring device, easily set up by two people. 

It is equipped with 6 anchorage points (4 fixed and 2 mobile ones) distributed between the tripod and the beam. It has telescopic legs with 7 possible adjustment points, non-slip feet, and a chain for fixing the legs. 

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The Accesus TRI12 SPIDER tripod is compatible with various lifts and lifeguards, retractable fall arresters, and retractable fall arresters with Accesus rescuers that comply with EN 1496 on rescue devices. Contact us to choose the option that best suits your needs. 

CE certified according to the EN 795 B safety standard for temporary anchoring devices. Also, it can work in ATEX atmospheres, as indicated by the TS 16415:2012 standard. 

TRI12 SPIDER tripod basic features summary table: 

Max. Load capacity   people or loads till 1.000 Kg 
Weight  82 Kg
Max. height  From 1.39 up to 2.21 m 
Diameter between legs  From 1.50 up to 2.23 m 
Distance between legs  From 1.39 to 1.91 m 
 Beam width  From 1.44 to 2.30 m 
People capacity 2
Material Aluminum alloy and steel