AVAHO-T motorized tripod

AVAHO-T motorized tripod


The AVAHO-T motorized tripod is a compact electric lifting-people-system that allows the person to ascend and descend comfortably, thanks to a complete electric lift of 150 Kg with cable reel and manual lifting system for when there is no power. 

This Accesus motorized tripod differs mainly from the tripod with a motorized chair because its motor is assembled on the tripod leg, not on the chair. It is a compact, ergonomic, and very easy to handle equipment ideal for temporary work on vertical surfaces in confined spaces with maximum manholes of 500 mm such as patios, tanks, wells, drains, or chimneys. 

The motorized tripod AVAHO-T has an automatic cable passage system that allows easy assembly and handling of the equipment. As with the other Accesus tripods, the AVAHO-T allows an unlimited working height since you only have to adjust the cable’s length to adapt it to the required altitude.

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Mostly made of aluminum alloy, the Accesus AVAHO-T tripod can be mounted with a bosun chair, a circular basket, or a rectangular Accesus Basic cradle. The TRI13 is the tripod model that holds the AVAHO-T. It has a header with 3 anchor points and 2 pulleys to guide the rescuer and elevator cable. This way, the motorized tripod AVAHO-T offers a total safety system with integrated fall arrest. 

It is a safe and certified equipment for lifting people with CE declaration of conformity. the user could operate the equipment without qualification for vertical work, although it is recommended to have at least a training for work at height. It is certified following the EN 795 B safety standard for provisional anchorage devices, the EN 1496 on rescue works, and the UNE-EN 1808 and European Directive 2006/42/EC.

AVAHO-T motorized tripod basic features summary table:

Max. Load capacity  1 person or loads untill 120 Kg 
Weight  77 Kg
Max. height  Unlimited 
Minimum clearance  500 mm
Lifting and lowering speed  9 m/min
diametro-cable Cable diameter  8 mm
alimentacion-electrica Motor power  0,5 kW
Max. length winding cable  40 m
Material Steel, aluminum and steel cable