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Safety harnesses with 1 anchor point are designed for all types of work at height and are drafted to distribute the impact force and protect the operator against a fall.

These harnesses are the most basic and economical in our range of safety harnesses, but still offer maximum safety for the operator.

Its most common use is for sporadic work, used by operators who will be working at height for a short time and with low periodicity.

That is why they do not offer comfort benefits, since if you plan to be suspended from a harness for many hours.

The best choice will be another type of harness, such as the suspension harness or the positioning harness, which has padding and buckles regulation on the chest, legs, and shoulders.

All of them comply with the CE Marking and EN 361 fall arrest regulations.

The anchor point is always located on the back of the harness and must always be used with a connecting device.

Discover below the details of the different models at your disposal.

We also have in stock other types of harnesses such as the safety harnesses with 2 anchor points and the special safety harnesses, check them out!


At Accesus we have our After-Sales management software for your Accesus PPE and Machinery.

V.acces helps your company to improve the organization of harnesses, slings, retractable cables, anti-trauma tapes, among others, as well as all the machinery such as BASIC Suspended Scaffoldings or PCP-A Gantries from Accesus.

It is super useful to know the next future revisions, the ones that have already passed or the ones that are in progress.

It also allows adding photographs of each product, downloading historical reports, and assigning each product to its operator.

If you need more information, you can read the article by V.acces on our Blog!

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