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The Formation Service Accesus Global Training was originally born due to occupational safety legislation, which establishes the obligation of adequate training for workers.

Furthermore, from Accesus we offer our equipment users different types of training to meet the following objectives:

  • Rigorous compliance with labor legislation;
  • Increased security;
  • Improvement of the performance of people and equipment;
  • Increased shelf life of products.

Thus, from Accesus, in our vocation to serve our clients, we have created the following types of Accesus Global Training programs:

  • Commercial training aimed at making our network of distributors and collaborators know the main features of our products;
  • User training for the correct assembly and use of our equipment;
  • Training for equipment maintainers, since good maintenance is a guarantee of adequate safety and performance.

Accesus Global Training programs include theoretical and practical training and have been developed by professionals with extensive experience.

Accesus provides the assistants of our training courses with a certificate.

You will be in touch with some of our best products such as the BASIC Double Width Suspended Scaffolding, the  KOMPLET Suspended Scaffolding with End Stirrups, or the BRAKOO Suspension System.

Discover all our Accesus Global Training Formation Services.

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