Custom-made suspended crane baskets

Custom-made suspended crane baskets


Accesus develops special custom-made suspended baskets according to the UNE-EN 14502-1 standard.

These customized crane baskets are useful for special works in shipyards, ports, special works, industry, assembly of structures, as well as to be used as a rescue system.

Some of the general design features of unique custom-made crane baskets are non-slip floors, anchorage points for people, safety handrails, access doors, protective roofs, and anchoring systems to the crane hook. For all this, from Accesus, total security of the people is guaranteed and the fulfillment of the regulation of labor security.

All the baskets of special cranes manufactured by Accesus are delivered with their corresponding certificate according to the standard UNE-EN 14502-1 and manual of assembly and use.

These custom-made hanging baskets are fully removable, making transport and storage easier.

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