Suspension tripod with manual chair

Suspension tripod with manual chair


The Accesus tripod with the manual chair is light equipment of reduced dimensions, destined to be used temporarily for inspection and maintenance works in vertical surfaces, as much for elevating people for whom it is certified, as for loads, like working tools. 

Both the tripod and the chair are made of aluminum. The latter is equipped with a manual crank lift (m.lift® 400), suspended by steel cables anchored to the tripod, which acts as a suspension structure

The equipment does not require any assembly, only placing the cables inside the lifting device and positioning the tripod in the desired area and height. The operation of the tripod with the Accesus manual chair is simple. Thanks to the double cable system (working and safety) and the built-in anti-fall system, it guarantees its users’ total safety. 

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As it has a pass-through cable working system, it allows unlimited working height. By using a longer cable, we can operate the device at any altitude. Its equipment tripod model is the TRI 13, which has an adjustable leg height ranging from 1.79 to 2.89 meters high. Its legs diameter can go from 1.73 to 2.71 meters and is compatible with many of the Accesus models of lift-rescue systems and retractable fall arresters. 

It is certified following the EN 795 B safety standard for provisional anchorage devices, the EN 1496 on rescue works, and the UNE-EN 1808 and European Directive 2006/42/EC. It can also work in ATEX atmospheres as required by standard TS 16415:2012.  

Tripod-with-manual-chair basic features summary table:

Max. Load capacity  120 Kg/m for one person and load. 
58,2 Kg
Max. height  Unlimited 
Minimum clearance  500 x 390 mm
 People capacity 1
Lifting speed  3,8 m/min to 50 cycles/min 
Material Aluminum and steel cable