Rent in the Civil Work sector


While at Accesus we are manufacturers of high-performance equipment for work at height and confined spaces, civil engineering is one of our strengths. Thus, when the need arises to access places that are difficult to access in new civil works, specific jobs or recurring tasks in complex accesses, Accesus can offer multiple solutions for work on bridges, dams, wells, hydroelectric plants and treatment plants.

We have inclined plane scaffolding rental, dam scaffolding rental, bridge scaffolding rental, electric or manual hanging cabin rental from 50 cm to 4.8 meters, electric hanging chair rental or manual chair rental, elevator rental load or hoists of up to 1,000 Kg, rental of crane baskets, rental of davits such as the suspension beam or tank davit and rental of gantries from 500 Kg of load capacity to 3,000 Kg. All these teams allow to carry out any type of work in any space.

All Accesus hanging platforms and equipment for access to confined spaces are approved for lifting people according to the UNE-EN1808 standard and the European Directive 2006/42/CE. The rental of the hanging cabin is delivered with the corresponding certificates for lifting people, as well as assembly and use manuals in Spanish, and does not require special training to be used.

Its reduced dimensions and weight allow a very quick placement in the work area.

The disassembled Basic hanging cab and Komplet hanging platform can be inserted through a 55 × 55 cm manhole. They are available with the manual lift or with electric lifts.

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