KOMPLET 460 Suspended Scaffolding

KOMPLET 460 Suspended Scaffolding

The KOMPLET 460 Suspended Scaffolding is the narrowest KOMPLET model ever made by Accesus.  

The Accesus KOMPLET 460 suspended scaffold is a load and people lifting equipment made of aluminum and designed for suspended vertical works on silos and tanks, facades, bridges, chimneys, awnings, and particularly narrow patios. 

The KOMPLET suspended platform with walk-through stirrups comprises aluminum modules of 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 meters long. Its parts modularity allows the KOMPLET suspended platform to combine the different length modules and make 2 to 12 meters long suspended platforms. Such modularity on the parts of the KOMPLET-suspended-platform-with adjustable-walk-stirrups is key to its easy and safe assembly, transport, and storage only using screws and pins. Its small-sized components allow it to pass through manholes or difficult to access places with 650 mm diameter.  

The KOMPLET 460 suspended has a maximum capacity of 720 kg. This capacity refers to a 4 meters long KOMPLET, including up to 4 people or tool load and people combined. Please refer to the user’s manual for all the possible options regarding length, corresponding load capacity, and maximum users allowed on the platform. 

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The KOMPLET 460 is composed of an aluminum platform,  two lifting devices, and two fall arrest safety systems. There are three different lifting devices options: electric (e.lift® 501), manual (m.lift® 400) or pneumatic (p.lift® 500). The fall arrest safety system is the securichute600 suspended by steel cables.   

Unlimited working height, since it only depends on the passing cable length placed for each job. 

Available in three-phase 400V and single-phase 230V version. 

Compatible with a wide range of accessories and suspensions that will vary according to the equipment's application. 

It is delivered with its corresponding declaration of conformity CE and its use and assembly manual, as required by the 2006/42 European Directive and the EN 1808 standard. 

Table summarizing the basic features of the KOMPLET 460 suspended platform:

Possible modules configurations (length in meters)  to 12 m 
Max. Load capacity  250 to 720 Kg, according to the configuration 
KOMPLET weight  121 to 366 Kg, according to the configuration 
Maximum working height  Unlimited 
Minimum clearance 650 mm diameter 
People capacity  to 6, according to the configuration  
Lifting speed  9 m/min (also available on 18m/min) 
Material Aluminum and steel