Como funciona anticaidas de cargas ANRC300
12 Apr: How does a load fall arrester work?

While it is very important to prevent workers from falling from heights, we must not lose sight of the importance for safety of properly securing loads at height. The use of heavy materials in areas such as construction, industry or transport requires the use of…

Formación Accesus Global Training a distribuidor en Valladolid
06 Apr: New Accesus distributor in Valladolid

Accesus has a new distributor in Valladolid. Accesorio Herranz y Velasco now distributes Accesus products. Accesus has visited their new facilities to train their team and support them. If you are looking for PPE for working at heights, suspended platforms or solutions for confined spaces,…

ANMOPYC - Partnership with Accesus
04 Jan: ANMOPYC and Accesus partner in 2022

THE NEW PARTNERSHIP In 2022, Accesus becomes a collaborating partner of the Spanish Association of Construction and Mining Equipment (ANMOPYC). We are proud to be part of this association that has more than 150 Spanish machinery companies like us.   WHY IS ACCESUS PART OF…

29 Oct: We debut at SMOPYC 2021 as exhibitors

We are very excited to announce that the week of November 17 to 20, 2021, Accesus will be exhibiting at the 2021 SMOPYC Fair. It is the largest international event in the machinery, public works and mining sector, located in Zaragoza. You will find us…

Useful life of PPE - Accessus workshop maintenance harness
06 Jul: The useful life of PPE

The useful life of PPE has always been a central topic of discussion. And it is because it depends on so many factors, both product and use, that it is impossible to determine it. When we talk about useful life, we refer to the time…

International Committee on Industrial Construction
30 Apr: Accesus debuts as a speaking member of the CICIND

On 20 May, the 94th edition of the International Committee on Industrial Construction conference will be held, this year virtually from Rotterdam. This means, for the first time, Accesus will present one of its latest projects on Interior Demolition of Chimneys using a Suspended Scaffolding…

Can a crane basket be CE marked?
14 Sep: Can a crane basket be CE marked?

Searches or requests like “Can a crane basket be CE marked?” or similar to: “CE marking of crane basket”, “crane basket with CE marking”, “I need the CE marking of the crane basket” or “they ask me for the CE marking of the crane basket”…

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