The useful life of PPE

Useful life of PPE - Accessus workshop maintenance harness

The useful life of PPE has always been a central topic of discussion. And it is because it depends on so many factors, both product and use, that it is impossible to determine it. When we talk about useful life, we refer to the time that a device complies with all its functionalities, assuming correct use and treatment.

Vida útil de los EPI - Eslinga y arnés en revisiónAs an example, we can ask ourselves: Can you determine what is the useful life of a seat belt in a car or a washing machine?

The useful life of any PPE depends on the frequency of use and the working conditions, as well as the storage conditions while not in use. With reference to the above examples, a washing machine in a family of six will not last the same as in a single person house.

Accessus PPE belongs to category III. That means to the category that groups the PPE that protect against a greater risk since they are those for jobs with risk of falls.

While it is impossible to determine for sure the durability of a PPE, it is the manufacturers who establish the criteria for their products. In addition, in order to prevent certain damages during the life of the equipment, the law requires that they be periodically reviewed by authorized personnel.

The legislation that regulates it is Royal Decree 2177/2004, modifying Royal Decree 1215/1997, which establishes the minimum health and safety provisions for the use of work equipment for temporary work at height. Among these minimum requirements, it is indicated that the owner or company must guarantee the safety of the equipment. For this, it is necessary to carry out a review and that the inspection record of the equipment is up to date, in addition to the fact that the user, each time he is going to use it, must carry out the necessary checks to check its status.

Vida útil de los EPI - Retráctil Anticaídas

To serve our customers, at Accesus we have a highly qualified and trained after-sales department to review all PPE. In addition, Accesus provides PPE revision training to those clients who request it so that they can be autonomous when complying with the PPE revision regulations.

Accesus differentiates between two groups of individual protection elements when establishing a criterion of useful life: textile and mechanical.

In the case of textiles, such as harnesses or slings, the maximum useful life has been set at 10 years from their manufacture, since despite the fact that they have been well maintained and have not suffered damage, wear and the passage of time they can cause that they do not have the same properties as at the beginning. The date of manufacture is indicated on the item’s label and must be in good condition and legible in order to pass the revisions.

Mechanical PPE has an unlimited useful life, as long as after each periodic inspection they are repaired and certified as suitable.

Vida útil de los EPI - Servicio Postventa retráctil anticaídas

In both cases, the review must be periodic and be consistent with the use that is given to each PPE, as long as the frequency does not exceed 12 months.

The action of PPE should not be underestimated and, because it is a low-cost element, it is less efficient when it comes to falling, since the consequences of an accident with a PPE in poor condition can be dire. Therefore, it is necessary that during the review carried out by a professional there are no doubts of its good condition.

After suffering any fall, the equipment must be removed, and certain items such as slings or harnesses will no longer be suitable for use and others such as retractable lifelines, must be examined. The uselessness of certain textile PPE after a fall is due to the fact that, although at first glance they seem to be in good condition, it is not possible to certify that it does not have any internal damage that may not withstand a second fall.

If you have questions about the revisions of your Accessus PPE or are a distributor and want to be trained to check personal protective equipment of our brand, write us!

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