Suspended cable reel

Suspended cable reel

Accesus suspended cable reel model 020053

It is an accessory, built in steel, very useful for manually winding and unwinding and transporting large lengths of steel cable.

Ideal to complement suspended scaffolding, suspended platforms, platforms for maintenance of wind turbines, suspended chairs… or any other application where steel cables are used.

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It facilitates the correct winding of the steel cable in a comfortable and simple way avoiding deformities in the cables.

Suitable for many different diameters.

The device consists of a winding drum, winding shaft, support base, carrying handle, locking bar and folding handle.


Summary table of suspended cable reel features:


Dimensions 425 x 452 x 720 mm
boca-de-hombre-diametro Diameter cable Different depending on cable length (see technical sheet)
Material Steel
Weight 15 Kg