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Suspension Harnesses

Suspension harnesses are those harnesses that have a safety system and are designed for operators who need to perform work at height while suspended.

In addition, thanks to the belt approved for work in suspension, the harness allows the operator to position himself while protecting its users against a fall.

They have a fall arrest restraint system and a quality restraint system, which provides safety when performing descents or other types of work at height.

Accessus suspension harnesses comply with 3 homologation regulations:

This category of harnesses is the most versatile of the family since it is the only one that has all 3 regulations simultaneously.

The most important to mention is the one that complies with the EN 361 fall arrest standard, which means that they have different anchor points in the form of metal or textile rings, which can be located on the front or back indicated as “A” or ” A / 2 “.

They must always be used with a connector, and they need to have a load resistance of 12 kN to support the weight of the operator in the event of a fall.

In reference to the EN 358 positioning standard, it indicates that our suspension harnesses also have a positioning belt with side rings so that the operator can hold and position himself. These rings are combined with the anchor points of the EN 361 fall arrest standard.

They also have the EN 813 standard for seating or suspension. This category is the one that gives the name to this category of harness. It includes a ventral ring to be able to carry out work in suspension.

V.acces to manage your suspension harnesses

For any management related to the Accessus EPI After-sales, we have the V.acces software, the new after-sales management service. With it, you can have a precise control of the remaining years of life of your PPE or Accesus machinery and know their history and future maintenance, to get the most out of performance and maintain maximum safety for the operators who carry out work at height.

At Accesus we have a wide variety of harnesses, including suspension harnesses, made up of the A73, A70, A71, A71E, A80E and A90. These differ depending on some elements of comfort such as padding on the legs, automatic closures, elastic shoulder straps, among others.

Check below the wide variety of models that we have in Accesus.

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