A73 Harness

A73 Harness


High-end harness for daily use

De gran confort y ergonomía gracias a su cuello, pernera y cinturón acolchados.

Dorsal and frontal anchorage points.

Positioning belt with two lateral anchorage points and automatic connection-adjustment buckle. Automatic connection-regulation buckle on the chest strap. Clip of strap regulation in shoulders. Automatic connection-regulation buckle for leg strap.



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Summary table of basic features:

Brand Accesus
Anchorage points 1 dorsal, 1 frontal and 2 lateral on the positioning belt
Max. Load capacity Up to 100 Kg
Weight 1650 g
Sizes M-XL
Belt regulation Legs, chest, shoulders, and belt
Closures  Buckle
Material Polyamide strips
Ergonomics Adjustment in legs, chest, belt, and shoulders. Subgluteal strap
Regulations EN 361  EN358
Certificates CE
Product number Unique and individual
Packaging  Individual plastic bag