How does a load fall arrester work?

Como funciona anticaidas de cargas ANRC300

While it is very important to prevent workers from falling from heights, we must not lose sight of the importance for safety of properly securing loads at height. The use of heavy materials in areas such as construction, industry or transport requires the use of devices such as the ANRC300 retractable load fall arrester, which maximises safety by preventing a load from falling in the event of failure or breakage of the main load lifting system.


Anticaídas Retráctil ANRC300How does a load fall arrester work?

The mode of use of a retractable fall arrester for loads is similar to that of fall protection systems for people. That is to say, if a fall is detected or if the speed of the load it is holding is increased, the equipment locks and retains the load to which it is attached. In the case of the ANRC300, its maximum load capacity would be 300 Kg.

What is the load fall arrester used for?

A load fall arrester is a secondary safety system used to retain a load in the event of a breakage of the main or lifting system.

Thus, the ANRC300 would act as an essential safety element in any scenario in which loads must be suspended or lifted. This load would be secured in two ways: on the one hand, it would be connected to a main lifting system such as a hoist or similar, which moves loads vertically and, on the other hand, to the load fall arrester, which would act as a secondary system to block and brake the fall arrester in the event of breakage or failure of the main system.

When is it recommended to use a load fall arrester?

As a safety system we will always recommend the use of a load fall arrester to restrain loads. Especially in those cases where the load restraint may fail and consequently cause damage and even endanger the safety of people and equipment.

Anticaídas Retráctil ANRC300_2For which applications is a load fall arrester necessary?

A load fall arrester such as the ANRC300 can have a wide variety of applications. They can be useful in warehouses, industries, film sets, concerts, events and assemblies of all kinds where there are hoists or machinery with moving parts and where there is a risk of falling loads.

What are the advantages of using a load fall arrester?

In summary, we can reduce the advantages of using retractable load fall arresters to 3:

– Prevents the fall of heavy objects in the event of failure of lifting systems;

– Protects goods, equipment and people below the working space of the fall arrester;

– Protects against crushing and/or entrapment in the event of cable or lifting chain breakage.


Click on the video to see the retractable load fall arrester in operation.

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