LEVA electric lift


New cable electric elevator for hanging platforms with customizable color


LEVA is the first single-phase and three-phase electric elevator with a passing cable for suspended platforms, baskets, and individual seats designed and manufactured by Accesus. Compatible with Accesus suspended scaffolds (BASIC, KOMPLET, and all types of suspended platforms, baskets, and individual seats).


Main features

  • Unlimited working height.
  • Fully adapted to work in aggressive environments (construction, industry)
  • Compact design and easy assembly and transport.
  • Quick access to electrical and mechanical components.
  • CE certified for lifting people EN 1808.
  • 500 Kg load capacity.
  • Tested with over +60k complete charge cycles of +350h.
  • Customizable color.
  • Technical datasheet.


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LEVa accesus


Safety device that prevents the load from falling in case of elevator or lifting cable failure.

Can be combined with the LEVA elevator or elevators of any other model or brand.


Steel box with handles and closures for transporting, protecting, and storing the LEVA type motor. Protects it from external elements (abrasive particles, dust, scratches), thus extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance.

LEVA Accesus 2

Accesus Leva accesus levas rango colores
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