Rail rotating suspended platform for blast furnace maintenance at steel plants

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Project overview
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    Asturias, Spain

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    Blast Furnace

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    Technical information

    Project Ref.: 211006 

    Max Height: 30 meters 

    Rotation: 360º  

    Regulations: 2006/42/CE, EN 1808

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The customer requires means of carrying out repairs inside a blast furnace. All the equipment must be assembled from above, through the blast furnace’s upper entrance located on its side.

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Development, supply, assembly, testing, customer training, and staffing during the entire industrial shutdown of a blast furnace using a special rotating and extendable suspended platform.

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We developed whole custom-made equipment, from the platform with a special T-shaped balcony with a telescopic system to the folding suspension rail to enter through the furnace’s lateral upper mouth.

The entire equipment was deployed and assembled at 30 meters-height. The working conditions inside a Blast Furnace are very hard, Our team rose to the occasion and the customer got improvements to their working time. 

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