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Do you need a hanging crane basket to do maintenance work?

Accesus CG Hanging baskets for cranes are suspended structures designed for lifting loads and people in accordance with the UNE-EN 14502-1 standard.

They are modular, removable and very easy to install.

Although we have an immediate delivery time on our standard models, we also offer custom-made hanging baskets for cranes on request to cover all kinds of special needs.

Certified by Bureau Veritas, Accesus CG hanging baskets have been approved in multiple cases; special works, viaducts and bridges, shipyards and ports, hydraulic works, dams and reservoirs, industries of all kinds, special assemblies and crane companies.


Also known as crane-supported man baskets, suspended personnel platforms, crane cages, or construction baskets.

They are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with all Spanish and European regulations.

It must always be borne in mind that the use of crane baskets should be carried out exclusively in those situations where, after analyzing the risks, we can ensure the total safety of the operators.

That is, once we choose the equipment and the procedures, we must train the workers. And their choice cannot be subordinated to economic criteria.

Remember that this machinery can only be operated by qualified personnel who have first-hand knowledge of the evacuation operating procedures in the event of failure of the power supply system or the control knobs.

In addition, any operator who climbs into the basket will have to be secured with a safety harness, anchored to the basket with a sling.

The capacity of the basket can never be exceeded and the material must be secured against the risk of shifting, tipping and falling.

If you have questions about the CE marking of crane baskets, you can read the blog article published by the Technical Manager and Co-founder of Accesus, Unai Rodríguez.

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