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Over the years, Accesus has developed Special Suspended Scaffoldings of all kinds to offer solutions to the very particular needs of our customers.

When Accesus standard products do not meet the requirements of our clients in a specific project,

the technical and commercial team carries out a study to offer tailored solutions.

For certain sectors, Accesus has designed and approved complex machines with great modularity.

that adapt to very versatile vertical works such as wells, blast furnaces, chimneys, silos, angular buildings, etc.

The grace of the custom design and modularity of our machinery is that you can make a large number of combinations between machines that will be useful to carry out different projects in different sectors.


Imagine that we have to maintain an industrial chimney, on the inside, and with 1 BASIC suspended platform is not enough.

After hours of analyzing it, our engineers come up with a way to join 2 BASIC suspended platforms to gain access to the entire inside diameter

of the chimney and recalculate the counterweights of the suspensions so that they support the weight of the new machine, hanging from the top of the chimney.

You can browse the project by clicking this link.

Therefore, we offer different solutions at a very competitive price with some of our Special Suspended Platforms like the

Double-deck Hanging Scaffolding, Dam Inclined Plane Platforms, Polygonal Platforms with Angle Pieces,

Circular Platforms or Platforms for Boilers.

Some sectors to highlight, in which we use custom-designed machines, are Industrial, Wind, Civil Works, and Construction.

All of our Special Suspended Scaffoldings comply with the EN 1808 Standard, they have CE Marking and follow the Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament.

Contact our commercial department to find out which would be the best hanging platform for your project.

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